MotoGP at Silverstone has to make way for Formula 1

29-05-2020 11:22
MotoGP at Silverstone has to make way for Formula 1

The MotoGP race at the Silverstone circuit is scheduled for the weekend of August 30th, but the circuit has now announced that it will cancel the race. With the arrival of Formula 1 at Silverstone in August, that race is more important and therefore MotoGP will have to make way. At least, that is not said literally, but it can be interpreted that way.


The CEO of the circuit, Stuart Pringle, says the following: "Despite months of work behind-the-scenes to try and make this key event happen, logistical restrictions under the current situation, combined with a shortened and rearranged MotoGP calendar, has caused the cancellation of the event."

"Our obligations to protect the health and safety of everyone involved in preparing and delivering the event, our volunteer marshals and Race Makers, and of course, the amazing fans, means this is the best, safest and only decision to be made." quotes The Race.

Formula 1

These statements are of course a bit at odds with the fact that Silverstone is now organising a Formula 1 race in August. Those plans are still in place and should the F1-races take place by the end of August, it is logical that motorcycles can't be driven as well.

However, a nuance is that many Formula 1 teams are located near Silverstone, which makes it logistically quite easy to realise. This is not the case with MotoGP and the intention is that there will be two F1 races on the circuit. In that context, Formula 1 could also be more lucrative.

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