Abiteboul speaks out about Ricciardo leaving: "I'm a little bit disappointed"

26-05-2020 17:36
by Editorial Team
Abiteboul speaks out about Ricciardo leaving: I'm a little bit disappointed

Daniel Ricciardo recently announced to move to McLaren after 2020. Team boss Cyril Abiteboul has now spoken out about the Australian's departure and everything shows that the Frenchman is anything but charmed by the decision. In fact, Abiteboul is disappointed, because halfway through a trial Ricciardo is looking for his happiness elsewhere.


Speaking with Motorsport-Total.com, Abiteboul says: "I'm a little disappointed, because I don't think you can build something without stability." By this Abiteboul refers to a fixed duo to sail on and with each time a change of watch that stability is somewhat lost. "This applies to drivers, but also to the rest of the company."

"A lot has changed in the past year. Seventy percent of our employees have changed the management or the structure of their department. A new head of technology, a new aero-boss, a new technical director - all this has happened in the last twelve months."

These adjustments within the overall company structure should of course have seen their effect during the season. But because of the coronapandemic, everything has been delayed and the - expected - positive effects are not (yet) visible. As a result, Abiteboul is disappointed in Ricciardo or in other words: he had hoped that Ricciardo would stay longer to look first.

Quick decision

"I'm also surprised by the activism of two Formula 1 teams, which made Daniel take the decision quickly", insinuating Abiteboul that he would have taken it more calmly himself. However, he also puts his hand in his own bosom, because if Renault had had a better car this situation would never have happened at all.

"If we would have had a better car last year, you probably wouldn't even be asking me this question. If we would have a better car in the future, we know that it is attractive for any driver." The chapter Ricciardo is already indirectly closed for Abiteboul, despite the fact that they still have a year to go. "He's made his decision and we'll continue", the Frenchman concludes.

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