FIA launches regulation breach hotline within motorsport

25-05-2020 19:26
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FIA launches regulation breach hotline within motorsport

The FIA has launched a hotline accessible to everyone. Through the hotline, people can report rule violations within motorsports when they see or suspect that integrity or ethical sporting rules are being violated.

The FIA, the body responsible for motorsport worldwide, has set up a hotline where it is possible to indicate when certain rules within the sport are being violated. The so-called hotline can be used in three situations:

In case of violation of the ethical principles included in the FIA regulations, in case of problems regarding the integrity of the sport and in case of violation of the anti-doping regulations of the FIA. Broadly speaking, it is a violation of rules such as cheating, bribery, discrimination and fraud.

Integrity and reputation of motor sport

The EQS Integrity Line is already in use and, according to the FIA, it is a step in their mission to maintain the integrity and reputation of motorsports worldwide. In doing so, they proclaim a zero-tolerance approach to misconduct.

In this way, team members can anonymously report dubious actions by other teams or even their own team. With the start of the racing season that has been considerably postponed because of the coronavirus, such a line will be needed more than ever. Regulations have been rigorously changed in F1 and teams will do their utmost to find loopholes.

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