'Current situation not normal for either Sainz of Ferrari'

23-05-2020 15:51
by Editorial Team
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'Current situation not normal for either Sainz of Ferrari'

Carlos Sainz will be a Ferrari driver from 2021. It's not often that Ferrari appoints a driver who hasn't won a Grand Prix yet and together with Charles Leclerc he forms one of the youngest duos on the grid. However, with more than 100 GPs to his name, compatriot and Ferrari test driver Marc Gené has no doubts about Sainz' abilities.

"He is someone who delivers immediate results, but we are also betting on a future driver who still has a long way to go. His personality also suits Ferrari very well. He is very intelligent and mature, when you talk to him he doesn't seem 25 years old," Gene said in an interview with MARCA.

Gene also thinks Sainz is very strong technically and praises his determination. Something that at McLaren has ensured that he was able to score points almost every race, even if it went a little less. Speaking of McLaren, it won't be easy for the young Spaniard to keep his focus there in the coming months.

"The situation that has arisen is not normal. I've never seen this in the 15 years that I've been at Ferrari. He will have to do a mental 'reset'. The last few days he has certainly thought more about Ferrari than McLaren. It is an abnormal situation, even for Ferrari, which was accustomed to appoint drivers around the Grand Prix of Italy in September".

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