Brawn sees a bright future: "In six months, it'll be a great place."

22-05-2020 14:49 | Updated: 22-05-2020 14:51
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Brawn sees a bright future: In six months, it'll be a great place.

It's hard times in the paddock because of the coron crisis. Every day reports come out about teams that are struggling financially. Fortunately, Ross Brawn sees a bright future. In six months time, according to the technical director of Formula 1, the sport will be doing a lot better.

"These are very difficult times we're in right now. It's great to think back to the fantastic times we've had in Formula 1, but also the fantastic times ahead of us", said the Formula 1 boss versus

Although it looks like we won't be rid of the current pandemic for the time being, Brawn believes Formula 1 will flourish again in the near future. Despite the fact that we may have a long period of racing without an audience: "Formula 1 was in a fantastic place six months ago and will be again in six months time".


Ross Brawn won a prize on In a vote on the website Brawn was voted best technical director in the history of Formula 1. The Englishman was grateful for the appointment: "It gives me a boost and I think it is very special. I want to thank everyone who voted for me".

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