Ecclestone advises Mercedes: "Vettel's PR impact would be huge"

22-05-2020 07:45
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Ecclestone advises Mercedes: Vettel's PR impact would be huge

Bernie Ecclestone hopes that Sebastian Vettel will be offered a contract with Mercedes. The Briton believes that Vettel and Lewis Hamilton can form a fine duo from next season and also stresses that bringing in the 32-year-old German driver for the Toto Wolff team would not be an unwise move.

"I'd like to see him in a Mercedes, against Lewis Hamilton. That would be good for Formula 1", says Ecclestone in conversation with the German RTL words similar to Helmut Marko. The 89-year-old billionaire hopes that his good friend can make the transition to the world champion. "Both (Vettel and Hamilton, ed.) get along without any problems and they are both enormously talented. It would be a super, super team."

Mercedes also benefits

According to Ecclestone, Vettel would 'very much like' to take on Hamilton from 2021 onwards. The former owner of the pinnacle of motorsport wouldn't think it would be an unwise move for Mercedes to replace Valtteri Bottas for the four-time world champion either. "Especially in the current situation, Mercedes should certainly consider contracting Sebastian as a German hero".

The coronavirus outbreak also affects Mercedes, but if we can believe Ecclestone, the arrival of Vettel would make up for a lot. "This could give an emotional impulse to the employees and also send positive signals to the outside world. Vettel's PR impact at Mercedes would be huge", he concludes at

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