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Formula 1 without a German driver is absolute catastrophe

Formula 1 without a German driver is "absolute catastrophe"

19-05-2020 20:15 Last update: 20:26


Formula 1 has had a German driver for many years and often in plural, but at the moment only Sebastian Vettel is the driver representing the country. Since the German will leave Ferrari after this season and his future is uncertain, Formula 1 may not know a German driver for the first time in a long time. A disaster according to former F1 driver Hans-Joachim Stuck.

Winning car

"I imagine he wants a winning car. He won't let himself - don't get me wrong - be put in a second-rate car, because that's not going to work for him. But there aren't that many options," says Stuck at Servus TV.

There is also a good chance of retirement, especially now that Vettel has been sitting at home for a while: "He has been home for a long time now, has three children and enjoys family life. And, not to sound like he's losing weight, he's not a racing driver like Alonso, who does everything he can to get into a racing car."

"So if he thinks about it properly and has no alternative, chances are he'll quit," Stuck says. Former F1-driver Karl Wendlinger responds with approval: "He is four times world champion in Formula 1. He qualifies for one of the three top teams, but Mercedes and Red Bull are full. I don't think he'll get a place there."


If Vettel does stop after this season, it will be quiet as far as drivers of German origin are concerned. According to Stuck that would be an "absolute catastrophe. Nico Hulkenberg unfortunately has no place at the moment. He would deserve that, so we'll have to see if he can return."

Since Renault has a spot free with the departure of Daniel Ricciardo, a comeback for Hulkenberg is possible. Unless Alonso takes his seat. Stuck about Hulkenberg: "That would be good. Anyway, Nico deserves a spot too. I know him from his Porsche days and he is a great young man who really gets on the gas, who can do anything. The fact that he doesn't have a Formula 1 seat is incomprehensible to me."

If Hulkenberg returns and Vettel leaves, at least there will be German representation in the sport. If there is no room for both gentlemen, then for the first time in a long time there will be no German representation.

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