Verstappen: 'Racing in Austria increases the pressure'

12-05-2020 20:15 | Updated: 12-05-2020 20:22
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Verstappen: 'Racing in Austria increases the pressure'

In 2018 and 2019 Max Verstappen was able to take victory in Austria to his name. These are now memorable races, especially those of 2019 in which he fell back after the start. However, the overtaking race was majestic and ensured that the Spielberg circuit slowly but surely became a favourite, but this was more due to the concurrence of circumstances.

Not our favorite

Verstappen was a guest in a promotional Q&A video at Puma's Instagram, where he talked to David Coulthard about all kinds of things. With the plans to start in Austria on 5 July, Verstappen was asked if he is looking forward to it. This because it is his home circuit and because of course he has achieved good results on this circuit.

"It's funny, because if you look at the track it was until last year never a circuit that belonged to our favourite. But somehow we have always had a good result, but I don't know why", the Red Bull driver wants to stress that the conditions of the circuit are not necessarily the best for his car.

"Of course we had upgraded the car last year after having some trouble at the beginning of the season. That certainly made a difference. The year before it was all about the tyres and we managed to keep the tyres alive. Interesting things happened there."

More pressure

In the end, the situations then led to good results, but the favorite status was also created by the presence of the many fans. "Yeah, I love riding there, it's our home Grand Prix, of course. It might add a little more pressure, but I like that. That motivates you to do even better."

"With so many fans coming to support me there all the time, especially last year. When I went through the field trying to win the race... Every lap they went crazy as I passed by and that certainly brings a smile on my face". As a result, Verstappen is extra keen to achieve the best possible result, on which the presence of an orange sea definitely has a positive effect.

For this year, he is again fully motivated: "Of course, things will be a bit different when we go there, but that doesn't mean that we won't do our best. We are going to try to get the most out of it and achieve a good result".

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