Rumor: 'Letter from FIA leaked: F1 season starts on 5 July in Austria'

10-05-2020 11:03
Rumor: 'Letter from FIA leaked: F1 season starts on 5 July in Austria'

According to Thejudge13, the FIA has officially announced to the teams that there will be a race in Austria on 5 July. A letter in the hands of TJ13 would say that the FIA has given the green light to organize the official start of the season in Austria for F1, F2 and F3. The facilities would be ready to organize the entire event.

The letter would say that there will be two races in Austria and Silverstone. In the letter sent to the F2 and F3 teams it says that "Austria and Silverstone will organize races" and that the FIA has arranged the facilities so that each team could safely go to both locations. "Each team will stay in a different hotel, no sponsors are allowed. Each driver is only allowed to take one person in the paddock and only a limited number of team members are allowed", the letter says.

No journalists at both races

The letter would also state that no journalists should be present. Only the FOM TV crew is assigned to regulate the media on the circuit. The logistical challenge is greater for Austria than for Silverstone, as a large part of the teams already have their factories in and around Silverstone. 

The dates for both Grands Prix would already be known. In Austria there will be races on the 5th of July and on the 8th or 9th of July. That means a race on Sunday and a race on Wednesday or Thursday. This contradicts the expectation that there would be two races on Sunday. The F2 and F3 would then fill the remaining holes on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The Grands Prix at Silverstone will take place on July 19th and 23rd. Also in the United Kingdom two Grands Prix will be held in one week.

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