Marko explains: "Everybody has to take a test and mouth caps are mandatory''

28-04-2020 08:38
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Marko explains: Everybody has to take a test and mouth caps are mandatory''

One of the most important pawns in the continuation of the Formula 1 season is perhaps Helmut Marko. The man who was able to celebrate his 77th birthday on Monday is sometimes a bit over optimistic, but that does help in achieving his goal of starting Formula 1 in Austria.

On Red Bull's own Red Bull Ring, Red Bull Racing's Formula 1 season could well start in a special way. The last two races were won by Max Verstappen and so Marko can't wait to start there. He really misses racing.

Start in Austria

"It's going well, but it would be more fun if we were back on the track. However, the preparations are in full swing, so we can start July 5th. It would make us really proud to start in our own country. I'm a passionate fan in that respect, but it's also very important that we start to give a positive signal'', Marko says to the German RTL.

Formula 1 is now putting together a set of rules and manuals to make all this possible and that includes a coronation test. ''You have to do a test and you have to take that result with you and it shouldn't be older than four days. In this way we prevent infections on the paddock and in addition the wearing of mouth caps is mandatory'', says Marko.

Digital Formula 1

In order to avoid problems, many of the staff will be left behind. Teams have to go to the paddock with as few people as possible and that also applies to the organization. In this way, journalists will also stay away from the paddock and the sport will become a complete 'digital event', as Marko himself calls it.

It may not be the most ideal scenario, but according to Marko it is essential that we start again. ''It is the wish of many to start another championship. If you have two safe races, then you also get a domino effect and soon you reach a calendar of 15 races,'' Marko concludes positively.

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