Barrichello: "The fact that I drove on the same track as Senna was fantastic"

25-04-2020 18:03 | Updated: 25-04-2020 18:07
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Barrichello: The fact that I drove on the same track as Senna was fantastic

Rubens Barrichello is the driver with the most Grands Prix ridden behind his name. With 326 races he is closely followed by Kimi Raikkonen among others, who has already ridden 315 Grands Prix. Barrichello drove in Formula 1 from 1993 to 2011 and has experienced many highs and lows during this period. In a conversation with RTL GP the Brazilian looked back on what it was like to drive with his biggest idol.

He talked a lot about what it was like to be on the track with Ayrton Senna. "The fact that I was on the same track as Ayrton was just phenomenal. I had to squeeze myself every time". One moment that Barrichello remembers well was the opening lap in Donington Park in 1993. "It was my third race in Formula 1. Everybody talks about Senna's fantastic opening lap of course, but I also had a great first lap, driving from twelfth to fourth".

Best places to look at Senna

"It was the first time it rained, which I really loved." Barrichello can also realize another moment in the Grand Prix. "When I was in second place at one point, I suddenly saw Ayrton in my mirrors. This made me think I was in first place, but in the end it turned out he was driving me on a lap," Jordan's driver at the time said.

Senna was able to win by far at Donington Park, while Barrichello was fighting for the podiums for a long time. In the end he had to put the car aside with engine problems, but he will never forget the experiences the Brazilian had there. "I had the best places to look at my hero", Barrichello concludes.

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