Coulthard admires Albon: "But has one of the hardest seats next to Verstappen"

23-04-2020 19:57
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Coulthard admires Albon: But has one of the hardest seats next to Verstappen

David Coulthard took up Formula 1 driver Alexander Albon at Instagram. The analyst thinks it's clever how the British Thai currently manages to perform in the king's class of motorsport, while he was originally going to drive in Formula E at the beginning of 2019. At the same time Coulthard sees a very dangerous team mate sitting next to Albon in the person of Max Verstappen.

Albon finished second in 2018 behind George Russell in the Formula 2 championship, earning Nissan a seat in the electric class. A spot in Formula 1 didn't seem possible until Helmut Marko rang the bell. Halfway through 2019 the 23-year old driver even deserved a promotion to Red Bull Racing. Admirable, as Coulthard emphasised several times on social media.

Albon faces a challenge with Verstappen in the team

Coulthard goes on to say: "He is now sitting on one of the most difficult seats in Formula 1, with Verstappen at his side. Max is a great talent and a winner who knows the team through and through," said the Scotsman, who believes Albon should not be flattened for the coming season. "Alex is fantastic and has a lot of perseverance."

The 49-year-old former Formula 1 driver turns out to live on the same floor as Albon of an apartment complex in Monaco. It seems to become clear that Albon lives in a building owned by Coulthard. "Ask him about the great support he gets from his landlord", he winkles. In any case, the talented driver has the support of Coulthard.

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