Coulthard about young talent: 'They didn't learn the independent skills'

22-04-2020 07:43
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Coulthard about young talent: 'They didn't learn the independent skills'

David Coulthard was at the start of a Formula 1 Grand Prix 246 times, won 13 and was on the podium 62 times. A nice CV, but now it is time to take a look at the new talent in the sport.

At the age of 23 Coulthard makes his F1 debut. At that time a common age for drivers to make their debut in the sport. Coulthard gets great opportunities at Williams, McLaren and Red Bull Racing, but doesn't manage to crown it with a world title. However, your youth already gets a lot more opportunities and support these days.

Youth is not mature yet

''I think those guys start karting at the age of eight, which makes them ready for the sport at a much younger age. With Formula 2 and 3 they also have classes that train you well for the top'', Coulthard says to RTE. However, there is one part where the youngsters are still lacking.

''As drivers they are ready for it, but they haven't found the balance in life as a Lewis Hamilton has. That time difference makes a big difference. Most young drivers still live with their parents and therefore have not really learned the skills that are part of independent life'', concludes Coulthard.

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