Horner: ''In Formula 1 you can start faster than football''

16-04-2020 08:56 | Updated: 16-04-2020 10:03
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Horner: ''In Formula 1 you can start faster than football''

Red Bull Racing would have liked to start the Formula 1 season in Australia, but was largely alone in that wish. Now weeks later, Christian Horner is still hoping for a quick start to the season in any way he can.

Is Austria ready?

The Austrian Grand Prix seems to be the best option for the start of the season. In Austria the corona measures have already been reduced a bit and a race on the Red Bull Ring is not excluded. Helmut Marko already let us know that it is possible to change gears quickly in Austria and Horner also sees possibilities on his own terrain.

''The Red Bull Ring is ready to go, allowing us to meet the FIA criteria in a short amount of time. A closed event can also easily be held there. In the beginning we really need to focus on races without an audience and especially watch the TV figures so that we can start the championship,'' says Horner at Sky Sports' Vodcast.

Horner keeps hope

''Football and other sports are already looking for a way to get started again and in F1 this is only easier, because it is not a contact sport and people often wear a helmet. Austria and Red Bull are looking at the possibilities, but we also have to deal with the government''.

However, despite all the problems, Horner does have hope for a full F1 calendar in 2020. ''There is still confidence that we can have eighteen races between July and the end of the year, but then it will be a championship that goes on in one piece. It's going to be tough and once you start it's going to be a huge task'', concludes the British.

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