Verstappen about how he survives quarantine: "This is my way of staying home"

11-04-2020 08:24 | Updated: 11-04-2020 08:34
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Verstappen about how he survives quarantine: This is my way of staying home

Just like everyone else, Max Verstappen has to stay inside as much as possible because of the coronavirus, but how does the Dutchman fill his days? Of course we already had such a suspicion, but now the Red Bull Racing driver confirms it on his own Twitter: mainly with sim racing.

On social media the 22-year-old Dutchman writes: "This is my way of staying at home". The eight-time Grand Prix winner takes part in several virtual championships, such as those of Team Redline, the Official DSRC Spring Cup and, for example, the Porsche Esports Supercup. Verstappen is not taking part in the official F1 sim racing championship.

For the time being it is still unclear when Verstappen will be able to get back into his RB16. The next Grand Prix that is now on the calendar will be in France, but it is highly uncertain when it will be held. The FIA and the FOM are busy working out all kinds of scenarios, but it is said that clarity will take some time.

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