Formula 1 cancels contracts of camera staff

10-04-2020 14:45
by Editorial Team
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Formula 1 cancels contracts of camera staff

As long as it is unclear when the Formula 1 season will start, it makes little sense to keep contracts that have no added value. Each race requires a large number of cameramen to capture it, but they too are currently out of work. Due to the fact that the start of the season is unclear, the contracts with camera people have been cancelled.

Specific details

The contracts that Formula 1 has with camera people have specific details about who is needed where and when, as Racefans have heard. The initial plans that were included in the contract are no longer relevant to a large extent, as almost half of the races have been postponed or cancelled.

With a new calendar, the original schedule will have to be completely changed, so it is more convenient than drawing up new contracts. However, this can only be done as soon as it is possible to race again. The cancellation of contracts therefore does not mean that the chance of the start of the F1 season has decreased.

Behind closed doors

They are also investigating whether it is possible to have races take place behind closed doors. Should that be the case, it is a requirement that there is less staff present. That also means fewer camera people and also in that perspective, keeping the initial contracts is no longer logical.

Furthermore, Racefans states that the current step is only a temporary action until the new calendar is established. At that time, the necessary people will be hired again.

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