Ecclestone about Verstappen: "Would immediately choose him as team boss"

10-04-2020 10:44
by Editorial Team
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Ecclestone about Verstappen: Would immediately choose him as team boss

Bernie Ecclestone has once again praised Max Verstappen. The former owner of Formula 1 had been known to be a fan of the Red Bull Racing driver for several years, but once again he doesn't hide the fact that he is impressed by the Dutchman.

"Max drives really strong," says Ecclestone in an interview with the Italian Corriere della Sera. "Besides, he's very entertaining. I would have chosen him straight away if I had been a team boss in Formula 1 now". Just last month, the billionaire spoke words of the same nature.

Hamilton not to compare

Lewis Hamilton is the biggest challenger of Verstappen when it comes to the battle for the world title in 2020. According to Ecclestone, Hamilton is a rider in its own right and cannot be compared to riders from the past. "Or he looks like Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna or Michael Schumacher? No, he's different from everyone else. He's also very good at promoting himself."

According to Ecclestone, Verstappen, Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are currently the three best drivers in Formula 1. The 89-year-old Briton took Vettel into protection earlier this Friday and says we can still have a lot of fun with Vettel in the king's class of motor racing. "Why shouldn't Vettel continue? The way I see it, he can last another two or three years. However, it is up to him and the results he manages to achieve", he concludes.

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