Leclerc appoints two greatest F1 heroes: "Combined talent with unbridled will"

10-04-2020 07:42
by Editorial Team
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Leclerc appoints two greatest F1 heroes: Combined talent with unbridled will

Charles Leclerc went into a Q&A with Ferrari fans about his two greatest heroes of Formula 1, Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher. The two-time Grand Prix winner says he looks up to Schumacher and says he would have liked to compete against Senna on the circuit.

One of the fans asks Leclerc what he would ask Senna if he had the chance to meet the Brazilian. "I'd probably ask him: Where is the nearest race track?", the Ferrari driver smiles after taking some time to think. "I've always dreamed of driving against him and learning from him."

Senna source of motivation for Leclerc

Leclerc didn't see Senna himself in Formula 1, but the Monegasque driver did see a lot of images. "I'm a great admirer", he admits. "He combined his talent with an unbridled will to work and win. That was also an incentive for me to work hard."

Senna never competed for Ferrari in his career in the royal class of motor racing. Who is Leclerc's greatest Ferrari example? He doesn't have to think long about that. "My Ferrari hero, and I think many fans agree with me, was always Michael Schumacher. I was a little boy when he won all those games, but I remember how impressed I was by being in front of the TV. He was always the man I watched the most on all those TV broadcasts."

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