How Leclerc was admitted to Ferrari Driver Academy in 2015 after two days visit

10-04-2020 07:39
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How Leclerc was admitted to Ferrari Driver Academy in 2015 after two days visit

Charles Leclerc creates a furore in the service of Ferrari in Formula 1. Five years ago he was contracted by the Italian formation to join the junior program. Leclerc speaks openly in a Q&A with fans about how he ended up at the Ferrari.

In 2015 the Monegask drove for the Dutch Formula 3 team of Van Amersfoort Racing. In that year he will also travel to Maranello to convince Ferrari of his qualities. That's not an easy job, because the Ferrari Driver Academy consists of a select group. He gets 48 hours to prove himself.

Leclerc talks about visiting Italy

"I went with my father to Maranello (the home of Ferrari). I was 17 years young and extremely shy", Leclerc remembers. The now double Grand Prix winner in Formula 1 was especially nervous at the finish. "I was scared because I didn't know if I was good enough to be included in the programme."

It was an intensive programme that Leclerc had to finish in the short time available to convince Ferrari. "All the tests lasted two days and in the end the good news was brought, I was accepted to defend the red," says Leclerc, who describes that moment as a 'very important day in my career'. "It was the first step to my current role as a Ferrari factory driver".

How does Leclerc stay fit and sharp?

Now that the coronavirus is gripping the world, Leclerc has to keep fit in Monaco. How does the 22-year-old driver do that? "Fortunately, I have all the fitness equipment I need at home. I've got an exercise bike and weights. Here in Monaco, we're allowed an hour a day to keep fit. I do, but I always stay close to the house. That's all I can do in this situation."

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