This may be the new Formula 1 calendar for 2020

09-04-2020 08:29
by Editorial Team
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This may be the new Formula 1 calendar for 2020

Ross Brawn speaks of a calendar with 18 to 19 races, with only 'Triple Headers' and always one week off. What would that look like? GPblog lists what the new calendar of 2020 would look like.

Also F1 in January?

Actually, Brawn didn't say much news. We'll have to wait and see what happens with the coronavirus and when one can travel again. The top man of Formula 1 hopes for a start in July and assumes that it is best to start in Europe, so travel will be limited. Once started, Brawn doesn't want to stop.

If the corona measures can be maintained, then the circus can travel from place to place and stay as far away from the population as possible. Racing will therefore be done without an audience, but Brawn prefers to race without an audience rather than having to race for even longer.

Long season for the teams and drivers

However, with the goal of eighteen to nineteen races, Brawn sets himself a difficult goal. First we have to wait and see when we start and how the organizers of the Grands Prix look at it. They have to organize an event in less days, without the income of the thousands of fans.

Besides the organizational problem, there is also the logistical problem. The circus will have to travel a lot and won't be home much once the season starts. At the beginning this might be fun, but whether everyone will be able to do so until January is questionable. See below an idea of a possible calendar according to Brawn's goals.

The 'new' F1 calendar

July 5th: Grand Prix of Austria

July 12th: Grand Prix of France

July 19th: Grand Prix of United Kingdom

August 2nd: Grand Prix of Hungary

August 9th: Grand Prix of the Netherlands

August 16th: Grand Prix of Belgium

August 30th: Grand Prix of Italy

September 6th: Grand Prix of Spain

September 20th: Singapore Grand Prix

September 27th: Grand Prix of China

October 4th: Grand Prix of Japan

October 18th: Grand Prix of America

October 25th: Grand Prix of Mexico

November 1: Grand Prix of Brazil

November 15th: Grand Prix of Russia

November 22th: Azerbaijan Grand Prix

December 6th: Grand Prix of Bahrain

December 13th: Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

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