Kvyat: 'A race in Saint Petersburg would be mega!'

08-04-2020 12:52
by GPblog.com
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Kvyat: 'A race in Saint Petersburg would be mega!'

Since 2014 there are F1 races being held at the Sochi circuit in Russia and although it is a nice track, it lacks a bit of ambiance and the races can be on the boring side. Moving the Russian Grand Prix to another location is therefore not a bad idea and Daniil Kvyat sees Saint Petersburg as the ultimate replacement. Also because it would be better for the fans.


Talks are reportedly going on behind the scenes to move the Russian Grand Prix. An option for this would be the Igora Drive circuit, which is about half an hour from the West Russian city of St. Petersburg. That's easier for many to reach than the somewhat remote Sochi.

It also invites visitors from several Scandinavian countries, as Finland and Sweden are relatively close. Same goes for the Baltic States. Daniil Kvyat is - should it happen - very enthusiastic about a race in the mentioned big Russian city. At Sky Sports he says: "Yes, I would say very excited. If it happens, it’s going to be mega."

Closer to Europe

"I think obviously Sochi’s great still but if you’ve go to St Petersburg I always said that we will be closer to Europe and more people from Scandinavian countries will be able to join. And it’s going to be cool."

"It’s going to bring I think Russia a bit closer to the racing world," the Russian concludes his enthusiasm for a race in St. Petersburg. However, it remains to be seen whether it will ever happen, because Igora Drive is a completely private-owned circuit and they are not willing to pay more than half of what Sochi pays Liberty Media for organizing a race.

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