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Verstappen laughs at Norris: I'm never gonna play that game''

Verstappen laughs at Norris: "I'm never gonna play that game''

06-04-2020 07:20 Last update: 13:11


With a ninth place in qualifying, Lando Norris had an excellent starting position for the race, but the Brit would never start. A technical problem threw him out of the game F1 2019.

Since two weeks ago, Formula 1 now organizes the official virtual F1 race on the circuit where otherwise would be held, although this was not the case in the case of the Vietnamese Grand Prix, since it is not yet available in the game of Codemasters. However, with six official F1 drivers, the field of competitors was a bit more serious this time.

Verstappen doesn't feel like it

Where Charles Leclerc took off with the victory, Norris had to watch from the sidelines, after he was thrown out of the game. Good friend Max Verstappen contacted the Brit. Verstappen had to laugh that it had happened to Lando, but couldn't resist making it clear that he was never going to play this game.

I'm really never going to play that game,'' Verstappen said after Norris explained to him that the cars aren't even equal. ''Because of the wheelbase the cars still differ slightly from each other, so that's not quite the same''. So we don't have to expect Verstappen for the upcoming races, because it's much more fun on iRacing and rFactor.

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