Norris prefers other simraces over virtual F1 races: "It's not quite as serious"

05-04-2020 10:09
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Norris prefers other simraces over virtual F1 races: It's not quite as serious

McLaren driver Lando Norris has said he enjoys other virtual races over the official sim races organised by Formula 1 more. The young Briton explained he prefers more serious online racing.

Norris has been very active as a simracer on his Twitch channel, where he attracted almost a hundred thousand current viewers during the virtual Bahrain Grand Prix  - almost as many as the official stream of the Formula 1 itself.

However, the McLaren driver is active on several fronts - he also competes in the races organised by esport-team Veloce. He recently won in a V8 Supercar race at Silverstone, for example.

“I probably like the Veloce ones at the moment a bit more, because you do have to take them a bit more seriously,” Norris explained to

“The F1 one is more celebrities, people like [One Direction singer] Liam Payne.”

The races organised by Veloce also feature less experienced drivers, but everyone on the grid knows more than enough about virtual racing.

“The Veloce one I would say is a little bit more serious in some ways. We have some big YouTubers and content creators, but we have more simulator drivers, people who play on F1 2019, and more professional drivers.”

“The F1 ones are also fun because you’re still racing against some real drivers, but it’s not quite as serious.”

Tonight, Norris will participate in the second official virtual Grand Prix along with five other current F1 drivers and five former drivers including Jenson Button.

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