Grand Prix of Canada about to be cancelled: Montreal forbids festival

04-04-2020 08:45
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Grand Prix of Canada about to be cancelled: Montreal forbids festival

The Grand Prix of Canada is seriously hanging by a thread and the expectation is that it will be announced very soon that the weekend in Montreal will be cancelled. This would make Canada the ninth GP of the Formula 1 calendar to be cancelled.

The city of Toronto decided earlier this week to cancel all festivals in June because of the coronavirus outbreak. It was expected that Montreal would follow this example and this has now happened. On Friday, the Canadian city announced the cancellation of the Festival de Jazz et des Francos.

The festival is scheduled for June 25, while the Formula 1 weekend is scheduled for June 12-14. "This decision, which was taken in consultation with our private partners and the government, was not easy, but had become necessary in order to protect the public, the artists and our employees", let Jacques Primeau, General Manager of Events, write down in a statement.

Will the season start in July?

Officially nothing is known about the Canadian Grand Prix yet, but it is expected that one of these days the organizers will come out with a message announcing that the weekend will be cancelled. The next Grand Prix would be the French Grand Prix on June 28th, but also this one doesn't seem to be possible as France is in a heavy lockdown at the moment.

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