FIA writes letter to members: "We need to start thinking 'outside of the box'"

03-04-2020 10:52 | Updated: 03-04-2020 12:13
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FIA writes letter to members: We need to start thinking 'outside of the box'

In a letter to all members of the FIA, Jean Todt encouraged everyone. In addition, the president of the International Motorsport Association encourages people to think 'out of the box' when it comes to the challenges that await them now that the coronavirus has also hit motor racing hard.

"The crisis that we are living through today is unprecedented, and the consequences are being felt all around the world," Todt begins. "We have been forced to question not only our activities within motor sport, mobility and tourism, but also how our modern societies are evolving."

For the time being, no new calendars

Not only the Grands Prix of Formula 1 has been cancelled, all motorsport activities are at a standstill. Todt strives to have as many championships as possible take place. However, there is no planning yet. "For our part, we hope to be able to reschedule as many races as possible before the end of the year, but there are still too many unknowns to make any announcements yet, and the safety of our clubs, teams and fans is our top priority", said the Frenchman.

Todt urges FIA members to come together to learn from the current situation in the sport and find new ways to meet the challenges facing motor sport. In doing so, the 74-year-old top man refers to the financial problems that could affect the championships in the future. "We will overcome this crisis and unite in taking on the challenges of tomorrow – of that I am certain."

FIA hopes to come out stronger

"We must find new ways of achieving goals, in regards to road safety for example, or to our championships’ sustainability when budgets might be reduced post Covid-19. I very much hope that we will come out of this stronger than ever. I would like to express, once again, my solidarity during these difficult times", he concluded.

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