Rosberg: "Opportunities Verstappen on world title bigger in shortened season"

02-04-2020 18:55
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Rosberg: Opportunities Verstappen on world title bigger in shortened season

Nico Rosberg thinks 2020 will be a serious opportunity for Max Verstappen on his first world title in Formula 1. According to the former driver of Mercedes, among others, Red Bull Racing looked strong at the winter test in Barcelona and the Austrian formation could spin yarn in a possibly shortened season.

"It increases the chances of there being a surprise champion if there's fewer races because then of course luck plays a bigger role", says Rosberg in conversation with Sky Sports. The single world champion suspects that luck will be a bigger factor in 2020 than it has been in recent years. 

Possible advantage Verstappen and Red Bull

When Red Bull will drive again, the German is looking forward to what Red Bull is capable of. "I always thought that Red Bull and Max Verstappen were really going to be in the hunt this year and really be able to annoy Mercedes in a big way and give them a run for their money", said Rosberg, who went on to say that the current situation regarding World Cup chances for the 22 year old Limburger certainly doesn't have to be unfavourable. "If there was a shorter season maybe his chances would be even bigger."

At the moment the Grand Prix of Canada should be the first race weekend again, but this too is still unclear. In order to have as much Grands Prix as possible in 2020, several ideas have already been put forward, such as running two races per weekend or the season until February 2021. Rosberg does not see the option of two races in a GP weekend as unfeasible.

Two races per weekend challenge for F1 teams

"It's completely different. You've made plans for the season and then suddenly you have two races per weekend, that would change everything - the way you use your engines, everything is different. It's very, very complicated and certainly you would need a unanimous agreement between all the teams as well to make a change that big. But I think that's definitely possible, because everybody is open-minded and everybody wants to show the fans a great season", Rosberg concludes his story.

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