Rumour: 'Grand Prix of China will take place after cancellation now 16-18 October'

01-04-2020 15:25
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Rumour: 'Grand Prix of China will take place after cancellation now 16-18 October'

Also the Chinese Formula 4 has been at a standstill for a long time because of the drastic coronavirus, but now that China seems to be on the better side again, a new calendar has been announced. From this it is possible to determine when the Chinese Formula 1 Grand Prix will take place.

Formula 4 in China should start again on the 23rd and 24th of May. The junior class would initially also visit the Shanghai International Circuit, the circuit where Formula 1 is also active. That was originally planned for 17 and 18 October, but that Grand Prix was taken off the calendar. They are now heading for Wuhan (the epicentre of the coronavirus) or Ningbo.

In the weekend of 16-18 October there is now space created on the circuit of Shanghaj. This may indicate that this place has now been reserved for the arrival of the royal class of motor racing. Formula Scout notes this as the first reason.

More clues

There are also a second and third reason according to the medium. The Grand Prix of Japan is scheduled for October 11th, so in terms of logistics this should be possible because the Formula 1 circus will be in all of Asia anyway. The 25th of October will be the United States Grand Prix for the time being and in that case that would mean a triple header. The final argument is that the prices for admission to the Shanghai International Circuit during the third weekend of October are twice as high as during the other race weekends in October.

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