Rule changes postponed for another year? 'Possibly only in 2023'

31-03-2020 16:44
by Editorial Team
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Rule changes postponed for another year? 'Possibly only in 2023'

The rigorous F1 rule changes that were planned for 2021 have been moved to 2022 because of the coronavirus and additional problems. Red Bull boss Christian Horner takes it one step further and does not exclude the rules from being postponed until 2023.

The main reason for this is financial in nature. Quite a few changes have already been made, so that the teams remain at the same level relative to each other. Much development has been halted and by 2021 not much will change on the cars compared to 2020.

Horner reports to the BBC: “We are already talking about postponing the new regulations for another year. I think it is completely irresponsible to bear development costs for 2022 in 2021."

The new cars only in 2023?

Horner continues: “It looks like an agreement has already been reached on this matter, but only the FIA ​​has yet to acknowledge and ratify it. Then we can move those development costs to 2022 and start the new rules in 2023.”

Horner is aware that changes in sport also necessitate changes to budgets. Given the crisis time, it is important to look carefully at what is feasible. About the budget limit that will be set from next year, the team boss says that there is already talk about a lower amount than the initial 175 million.

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