Mercedes agrees to plan against DAS system

31-03-2020 14:53
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Mercedes agrees to plan against DAS system

Tuesday afternoon the FIA released that they will have a lot more freedom in leading Formula 1 because of the coronavirus crisis. Formula 1 (all teams) and the FIA unanimously agreed on this. A striking fact that emerges from this is that Mercedes has agreed to the ban on the DAS system.

Mercedes came up with a new trick in 2020, the DAS system. Immediately this was criticised by the competition, but Mercedes continued to defend the system tooth and nail. Now that far-reaching changes have been made to the current regulations, it has also become clear whether or not the system can be used legally.

For 2020 the DAS system is not yet restricted, but in 2021 it will no longer be allowed. The amended regulations that were drawn up after consultation with all those involved read: "The alignment of the wheels must be done by a monotonous function of a single steering wheel with a single axle".

Mercedes agrees

The team led by Toto Wolff chooses not to be contentious and thus agrees, just like the other teams, with, among other things, the ban on the DAS system. For the races that will still take place in 2020, the ban does not yet count. The real difference that the system will or will not make can hopefully still be admired this year.

The question remains whether Mercedes actually agrees with the ban on the system. In times of crisis, it must be possible to act unequivocally, which is why a unanimous decision to give the FIA more power was important. It is possible that for this reason Mercedes is just compliant with the ban on the DAS system for 2021.

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