Mario Isola: "That can be far too stressful for them"

28-03-2020 18:22 | Updated: 28-03-2020 18:55
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Mario Isola: That can be far too stressful for them

Tyre supplier of Formula 1 Pirelli has had to slow down the production of this year's tyres due to the corona virus. However, the tyres needed until the Spanish Grand Prix have already been produced.

Old tyres

"We produce all our F1 tyres in Slatina, Romania", said Mario Isola in an interview with Auto, Motor und Sport. "We are waiting until we have a draft of the revised calendar. The tyres that we still produce can be put in the warehouse and used for each race. The aging of a motor racing tire is not so drastic. We can still use tires that are stored between six and ten months."

"We're in the same situation as the teams", Isola continues. "We're looking at the effects on production and logistics. Both affect a compressed calendar."

Four races in a row

On the revised calendar it is possible that we will have four race weekends in a row. Isola doesn't seem to like that idea. "We also have to think about the people: how stressful is it for them to have three or four races in a row? I can't imagine having four races in a row and maybe even between continents."

"Four races without a break can be far too many", says Isola. "Especially for mechanics who have to put in a lot of physical effort. Two years ago Silverstone was the last of three consecutive races. Our mechanics and tire changers were exhausted."

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