Red Bull-junior cautiously criticizes program: "That's pretty daunting"

27-03-2020 09:55 | Updated: 27-03-2020 12:17
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Red Bull-junior cautiously criticizes program: That's pretty daunting

Jack Doohan knows that it's going to be a huge challenge for him to reach Formula 1 through the junior program of Red Bull Racing. The talented driver realises that there is a lot of competition and that the adventure at the Austrian race stable can be over in a heartbeat.

“Obviously it’s quite cut throat, but to be honest, their terms and conditions are quite clear," Doohan told The teenager knows how to work within the training program of the Austrian team. "If you perform, you’re in; you don’t perform you’re out. So obviously you have to have a bit of luck on your side like anything and just be the best in the situation that you’re given."

Red Bull helps map out route

Doohan acknowledges that as a driver, you're not always in control. "Sometimes it’s not all in your control, but hopefully they can see that." It takes a lot to get from the Red Bull program to Formula 1, but there is a way. "There’s a route for me to get to that goal. It is definitely more achievable than, say if you didn’t have this type of backing."

The Australian knows he's not the only one who wants to get a place in the royal class of motor racing. There are about four or five men in the program who have that dream. "We all want to get to (F1). There’s probably one seat free within the next three, four years. So in those Red Bull cars, it’s quite limited.”

Marko hasn't really done much with Doohan yet.

Helmut Marko is known for pointing out talents resolutely when performance is lagging behind. Doohan doesn't have much to do with Red Bull's advisor yet. "Occasional phone calls and keep in touch by race reports and overviews after the weekend, but not too much. Only say after some weekends or championship, (we have a) quick call to catch up on everything, but, other than that, I think it’s through other indirect people.”

In the words of the 17-year-old driver can also hear a little criticism. "If you’re winning doing well and excelling in what you’re doing, then that’s really what they’re looking for. They’re looking for the next best thing in its F1 driver. Obviously, they want to give you a shot and see if you have the potential, but I think that, obviously, it’s quite daunting. To know, obviously, one minute you can be there and the next minute you’re out," he concludes.

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