Marko claims he had corona virus: ''Shows that even older people survive''

26-03-2020 10:49 | Updated: 26-03-2020 13:14
by Editorial Team
Marko claims he had corona virus: ''Shows that even older people survive''

The coronavirus affects everyone, including people in Formula 1. Helmut Marko would have liked Formula 1 to continue, even though he knows what the virus can do to you.

That's what Marko revealed in an interview with The Austrian is a fierce opponent of the cancelled Australian Grand Prix, but now has to wait even longer for the season start of his beloved sport. Marko himself is not that impressed by the virus and even thinks he has already had it.

Marko has had the corona virus

"In the middle of February I had a very bad cold with a lot of coughing as a result. That situation lasted ten days and that felt very long to me. With retrospective effect I know for sure that I had the virus at that time. On the flight back from Australia we stopped in Dubai and everyone was coughing. By then I probably was infected'', says the top man of Red Bull Racing.

With his 76 years Marko belongs to the risk group and so he also says that it will not be that bad. ''If even older people like me can survive the virus, I think it's also important to panic less and deal with this situation much more rationally,'' Marko concludes soberly.

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