Russell is aiming high: "I think I can do the same as Lewis Hamilton''

25-03-2020 08:55
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Russell is aiming high: I think I can do the same as Lewis Hamilton''

George Russell became Formula 2 champion in 2018 and might have been hoping for a great debut in Formula 1. That debut came in 2019, but not exactly with the best team on the current grid: Williams.

Still, Russell had a great first season in the sport, in which he was able to show himself. For 2020 Russell hopes for better performances of himself and also of the team. In the end the Brit is aiming high and he is not shy to say that his goal is to become as good as Lewis Hamilton.

Russell is aiming for Hamilton

''I don't want to seem arrogant, but I try to improve myself on and off the job as much as possible. I will always give everything and believe 100 percent in my own abilities. At the moment I think Lewis is the best driver, but I'm sure I could do as well as he did, only I still have to work hard for that'', says Russell in a video of Formula 1.

But for now Russell will have to wait. The factories are closing in England, so Williams can't work on the current car. With the coronavirus, the question is whether there will be racing this season and if so, when that will finally be the case again.

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