F1 teams in favour of postponing regulation changes

18-03-2020 11:13
by Joseph Tyrrell
F1 teams in favour of postponing regulation changes

The coronavirus crisis has already taken its toll on the sporting calendar of 2020 and now it is starting to hit the year of 2021. Nine of the ten teams in Formula 1 have agreed to stick with the current regulations for next season over financial concerns.

The new regulations were Liberty Media's first real attempts to make their mark on the sport and make it more competitive. However, the coronavirus outbreak has put a spanner in the works with the 2020 season yet to get underway after the Australian Grand Prix being cancelled alongside the races in Bahrain, Vietnam and China.

Auto Motor und Sport are reporting, that in a conference call with Chase Carey nine of the ten teams in the pinnacle of motorsport agreed to postpone the changes until 2022 in order for them to fully focus on development. Ferrari were the only team to oppose the vote citing the current situation in Italy which is much tenser than any other country.

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