Stroll wants Aston Martin to exist under their own name

04-03-2020 19:39
by Joseph Tyrrell
F1 News
Stroll wants Aston Martin to exist under their own name

Not only is Lawrence Stroll the owner of Racing Point, the Canadian now has a share in Aston Martin. He expects and hopes they can become their own entity within Formula 1.

Earlier this year Stroll acquired shares in the car manufacturer and they will begin working together in the pinnacle of motorsport from 2021. Aston Martin currently work with Red Bull but that will cease at the end of the season.

Stroll hopes to work on brand recognition with his new acquisition and lay the foundations in 2021.

"The foundation of the strategy is to bring Aston Martin back to a Formula 1 team in 2021 where they will continue to exist under their own name," Stroll told Autosport.

"They can reach two billion people through Formula 1 and come to 22 locations," Stroll assumes there will be more races next year.

Stroll went on to outline why the prospect of Aston Martin appealed to him, adding: "The brand has been appealing to me since I was a kid, because I love racing. 

"Their heritage revolves around racing, racing history and great technology to develop cars. I want to turn them into a racing brand again."

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