Carey: "Miami GP is going to be at least five more years away"

23-02-2020 08:07
by Matt Gretton
Carey: Miami GP is going to be at least five more years away

The search for a second Grand Prix in the United States is taking a long time to sort out. For over two years, Liberty Media have been trying to get a race-prepared for Miami, but there's been barriers, lumps and bumps thrown at them from various organisations. Chase Carey believes there's still a long way to go. 

“I think we should realize that it will take more than 5 years. The goal now is to arrange a race for the next five to ten years. To be twelve months late in that situation is not a big deal. That does not mean that it is becoming increasingly frustrating," Carey told 

Possible return to Indianapolis?

Because the Miami soap opera has been going on for two years, Liberty Media has also started looking at alternatives, such as a race in Indianapolis. The circuit was purchased by Roger Penske, and Penske and Carey have been in contact with each other. "I know the Penskes and I had contact with them before they bought the circuit," he added. 

Carey sees that it is an iconic circuit that fits well on the calendar. “We are aware of their interest. Of course, it is an iconic circuit in the world of motor sport. It is part of the 'Triple Crown' and that says everything about the importance of this job in motorsport.”

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