Racing Point: "More logical to follow Mercedes concept rather than Red Bull's"

19-02-2020 16:23
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Racing Point: More logical to follow Mercedes concept rather than Red Bull's

With Racing Point's 2020 challenger, the RP20, looking particularly similar in concept to Mercedes' 2019 car, Racing Point technical director Andrew Green explained why they have chosen to follow the champions' design.

After a difficult period with little money to play with, the team formerly known as Force India has finally been able to prepare for a season in normal fashion. Even more so, this is the first time the side based in Silverstone didn't have to be worried about money. "This is the car we've always wanted to build," a pleased Green tells Auto Motor und Sport.

The fact the RP20 looks awfully similar to Mercedes' W10 (both pictured below) isn't a bother to Green, who explains how it is a product of the two teams being in a very close working relationship.

"Since May last year, we're working in Mercedes' windtunnel. That makes it more logical for us to follow their concept rather than Red Bull's. That would've been completely new territory for us. All the equipment and procedures in the Mercedes tunnel are made for this concept.

"Besides, our front and rear suspension and the transmission are straight from the 2019 Mercedes."

Sergio Perez finished the second day of testing in third place, with only the two Silver Arrows ahead of him.

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