Rosberg about the future of Hamilton: "There are three options for him"

18-02-2020 10:54
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Rosberg about the future of Hamilton: There are three options for him

In their Mercedes days, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton often had disagreements. That all ended when Rosberg won the 2016 F1 world championship and then retired almost straight away. Meanwhile, Hamilton has been scooping up trophy after trophy as he edges towards the end of his career. What are the next options for the British driver?

Hamilton versus Schumacher

"Maybe Lewis is on a chilling in Colorado or he's at Mercedes or Ferrari. That seems to me to be the options," Rosberg said in a conversation with RTL. 

"It is difficult to put myself in his shoes. He has achieved so much and also has so many things going on. It will ultimately all depend on the performance of the car whether it stays in the sport."

Rosberg still sees his former teammate as one of the greatest. "This year Hamilton can be the greatest of all time if he takes the record of Schumacher, but who would have ever expected that? I was lucky enough to ride with both drivers, but I can't compare them. Michael is an extremely hard worker and Lewis has a lot of passion for the sport. They are just two exceptional drivers," Rosberg continued.

Will the successor disappear?

Hamilton can, of course, go for his seventh world title in 2020, but Max Verstappen will do all he can to stop it. The Dutchman is entering the second year of the collaboration between Red Bull Racing and Honda. Rosberg assesses his chances. 

"Verstappen is just sensational. It is always nice to watch him and without him, the race is simply less fun. He is one of the greatest talents and perhaps the fastest driver. It is possible that he will get a car this year to fight for the world title. Last season it was already impressive that with a lesser car he kept both Ferrari's behind him," concludes Nico.

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