Berger: "He is the only driver that is on Senna's level"

16-02-2020 13:12
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Berger: He is the only driver that is on Senna's level

Formula 1 legend Gerhard Berger thinks reigning champion Lewis Hamilton is the only driver he has ever seen who is on the same level as his former teammate Ayrton Senna, as the Austrian thinks they are the two best drivers he's seen.

Although Senna does not have the career achievements of Hamilton or Michael Schumacher, nearly everyone who has driven against Senna or has witnessed the Brazilian in his prime says he is the greatest driver in F1 history.

Berger analysed Hamilton's dominant era at Mercedes, and how the Brit has never really been challenged consistently.

"Nico Rosberg cost him a championship once, but Rosberg was the only driver who challenged Hamilton," the ten-time Grand Prix winner told

"Rosberg left after that season and Hamilton stayed. He's the strongest driver in the field now. Hamilton is unbeatable for everybody. Like it or not, but it's the reality. In the past six years, only Rosberg beat him."

For Berger, Senna is the greatest driver of all time, but he admits Hamilton is on the same level as the late Brazilian.

"He's the only one I've seen in all my years in motorsport who is on Ayrton Senna's level. They're the best I've seen in my career."

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