Have Ferrari shot themselves in the foot by designing new car like Red Bull's?

22-01-2020 12:42
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
F1 News
Have Ferrari shot themselves in the foot by designing new car like Red Bull's?

Last week, reports already came out of Italy that Ferrari were not happy at all with their new challenger's data from the simulator and the wind tunnel, and Auto Bild have now reported the data is even worse than initially thought in Maranello.

Ferrari's 2020 challenger, which currently still operates under the code name '671', have reportedly taken the same design approach as Aston Martin Red Bull Racing with the front wing of the car being at a relatively low angle to generate more downforce.

The data after the first simulations were disappointing, however, and Auto Bild report the aerodynamics are even worse than initially thought, with the angled chassis potentially being the culprit of these issues.

Former Jordan designer Gary Anderson explained to the German news outlet how having an angled chassis can cause a lot of problems if not designed properly.

"Having an angle on your chassis can help you in several ways," he said, "but if you get one little thing wrong, there is a chain reaction that starts at the front wing with airflow. If that happens, you have a serious problem which is not easy to solve."

Time is running out for Ferrari to sort out their car's aero-troubles. The Scuderia are set to present their challenger for the 2020 season on Ferbruary 11th.

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