Plans released for Saudi Arabia race in 2023!

17-01-2020 12:05
by Adam Newton
Plans released for Saudi Arabia race in 2023!

Rumours have been building in recent days about a Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia, and now plans have been revealed for a race to go ahead in 2023. The country has been increasing its interest in hosting sport, with Formula E already racing there.

Plans for a brand new track and sports complex near the capital Riyadh have been unveiled. It had been suggested that a race could be held next year, but these plans suggest it will be 2023 before it joins the calendar.

Mike Reininger, CEO of the project told BBC Sport: "We're building a facility in the hope there will be a deal struck and there is a race here in Saudi.

"The formalisation of a race is not for us at Qiddiyah. It is outside the confines of the project itself. But we are building a facility that will be able to host a really world-class event as one of the signature items we will have on offer here at Qiddiyah as we open in 2023.

"We are actually building a series of facilities both on-circuit and off-road in one aggregated place which really hasn't been assembled anywhere else in the world like this. The centrepiece for us is going to be the Grade One circuit."

How big can the F1 calendar get?

Next season will see a new record set for the number of races in a single season, with 22 set to take place. In the last year there have been rumours surrounding plenty more locations for races, including Miami, a second race in China and a London street race.

It has been suggested that 25 will be the maximum number of races, but with so many new 'destination races' joining the calendar, could this affect the future of some of the most loved tracks in F1?

We've already lost Hockenheim for the near future, so F1 must be careful in regard to leaving other circuits behind.

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