Max Verstappen targets "winning races and winning the championship" with Red Bull

16-01-2020 10:36
by Louis Shaw
Max Verstappen targets winning races and winning the championship with Red Bull

Max Verstappen is one of the most talented drivers on the grid and with his new Red Bull Racing contract, the aim is to win the championship and get back to a period of Red Bull domination. 

"It's just very nice to be in the team, it is really enjoyable, a lot of fun, which I think is also important in the team," Verstappen told 

"Everybody gets along very well with each other. And we all want to win, we have the winners' mentality.

"Everybody at the track and back at the factory, they are also motivated to show everyone that we can get back to those winning days of Red Bull dominating. We just want to try and recreate that."

"We're all working on the same target. It is winning races, winning the championship."

Verstappen will hope that the Honda engine continues to develop and that he can be a genuine contender for the championship in 2020. 

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