Russell on F1 negativity: "Focus on Gasly doing poorly than Verstappen doing well"

15-01-2020 08:24
by Louis Shaw
Russell on F1 negativity: Focus on Gasly doing poorly than Verstappen doing well

George Russell had an interesting debut year in Formula 1 and although he performed well, he would have preferred to have been racing further up the grid for points. The Brit performed well and comprehensively beat his teammate, Robert Kubica, but has said that wasn't necessarily his goal. 

"Regardless of who your teammate is, that is always the first comparison for a driver. But that is not specifically my goal, my goal is to bring the team forward help on the grid. I'd rather fight for points and have a hard time internally than stand behind," Russell told F1 Racing. 

The Red Bull situation 

The focus in the media on teammates is always on the driver who is struggling and can't compete with their teammate. Pierre Gasly struggled against Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing and Russell thinks the way Gasly was treated was unfair. 

"People think it is easy, but when there is a delta between teammates, everyone always looks at the person who performs less well. People don't necessarily talk about the person who is doing well.

"As an example, with Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly, more people talked about Gasly doing poorly than about Max doing well."

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