Sergio Perez could leave F1 if Racing Point stay in the midfield

11-01-2020 10:05
by Adam Newton
Sergio Perez could leave F1 if Racing Point stay in the midfield

Sergio Perez says that he could quit F1 by 2022 if he does not find himself competing at the sharp end of F1 by that time. Perez has been in F1 since 2011 and has finished on the podium eight times, but has never been given a car capable of more than the odd flash of his talent.

At still just 29 years of age, the Mexican still has plenty of seasons left in him, but there's only so much midfield running he can take. 

He said, according to "The changes in the rules give me hope as well as what's coming within the team. I just have to stay realistic, I can't go to Mercedes or Ferrari. I am in a fantastic position, many drivers would like them to be here.

"That is mainly because of what is happening behind the scenes, so it offers us a good opportunity. But this will be my tenth year in F1, so if the situation stays more or less the same, then I will not see myself continue after 2022.

"Three years in F1 pass quickly. I am very optimistic and ready to fight for victories. Because I have been with this team for so long, it has become my second family.

"So I think no one is happier for me is if there is a possibility to go to a top team, they will probably give me that chance, if not, this is a fantastic place to be, so why don't I commit to a good future for the longer term, and then I know for sure that I can be successful here."

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