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Pat Symonds on Mercedes dominance: It took too long to figure out Mercedes

Pat Symonds on Mercedes dominance: "It took too long to figure out Mercedes"

10-01-2020 08:04

Pat Symonds has a vast history in the sport of Formula 1. The engineer has worked with Benneton, Renault and Williams and is now Formula 1's technical boss. Symonds is predicting an exciting year in Formula 1 next season and admits that he didn't expect Mercedes to dominate for so long. 

“I didn't expect the competition to take so many years to figure out Mercedes. Fortunately, that has now happened and according to Mercedes, Ferrari now has even the strongest car," Symonds said to SpeedWeek

Symonds knows why Mercedes have been so dominant though. 

“It was no surprise that Mercedes had the most dominant engine. They have a great infrastructure at the Brixworth plant with an incredible number of good people led by Andy Cowell. That is impressive."

Symonds is hoping that 2020 will be a competitive year and as the regulations have largely stayed the same, some of the top teams close the gap to Mercedes. If it is an exciting season then there are advantages for 2021. 

“If there is a dominant team next year, other teams will focus more quickly on the 2021 car. Teams in the back of the field will be investing in the 2021 car earlier. That's why I expect an exciting season from 2021 onwards," said Symonds.

Fans will hope that the top of the grid is more competitive in 2020 and that for the next few years we see a real fight for the championship. 

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