Daniel Ricciardo reveals his greatest Formula 1 rival

09-01-2020 08:04
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Daniel Ricciardo reveals his greatest Formula 1 rival

Daniel Ricciardo is one of the fastest drivers on the grid. When you think of the biggest rivalries he has had throughout his career, Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel are the two racers that spring to mind. It will come as a slight shock that when Ricciardo was asked the question he said it was Mercedes' Valtteri Bottas

“I would say Bottas. We raced a lot together in the junior categories," Ricciardo said to Top Gear when asked who he had the biggest rivalry with. 

“I didn’t go karting in Europe, so I don’t really have a driver that I would have started racing with from the age of 10. But Bottas was there when I started racing in Europe, we were in the same championship.

“We competed, we grew up together and somewhere along the way we always had, I suppose, a form of rivalry,” said the Renault driver.

In the past few years of Formula 1, Bottas has been racing at the top in a Mercedes and Ricciardo has been stuck slightly further down the grid. In 2020, the Aussie will hope that Renault speeds up and he can get back to racing alongside his rival. 

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