Chase Carey: "There is not enough diversity in sport"

19-12-2019 18:04
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Chase Carey: There is not enough diversity in sport

Chase Carey wants to see more diversity in Formula 1. Not only does he want more women involved but diversity amongst other areas as well. The introduction of the W Series this year was very popular and it won't be long until a woman makes it into Formula 1.  

"I certainly agree with the sounds that there is not enough diversity in sport," said CEO Chase Carey in an interview with CNN“We, therefore, want to increase diversity. We have also been very clear about that. We said it is one of our most important goals. For the coming years we have set climate and diversity as goals that we want to improve. ”

“It's about all types of diversity. Because how important are the drivers for F1? They are extremely important. Sport is all about heroes and our greatest heroes are the drivers. Lewis has been a great leader in this initiative."

Lewis Hamilton is the first black Formula 1 World Champion and Carey hopes that his success inspires the next generation. 

“Of course there have been many things that Lewis has talked about publicly and that he finds interesting to be committed to. He is a six-time world champion. The importance of his voice speaks for itself. He is not only one of the best drivers of today, he is one of the best drivers of all time."

Formula 1 is often seen as a sport for rich white people and it is positive to see the powers of the sport trying to change this stereotypical image. 

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