Pirelli predicts more overheating in 2020 due to retained 2019 tyres

15-12-2019 15:03
by Louis Shaw
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Pirelli predicts more overheating in 2020 due to retained 2019 tyres

Formula 1 teams were given the option to between sticking with the 2019 Pirelli rubber of having the new 2020 tyres. All 10 teams voted to continue with the 2019 compounds and Pirelli's Mario Isola has now revealed the consequences that this could have. 

“The pressure will only be adjusted to accommodate the improved performance of the cars. Every season we see that a full second of lap times is consumed, which means that more is demanded of the band. That means we have to increase the pressure to keep that in balance," Isola said to RACER

“It is therefore possible that we will have more overheating due to the higher pressure. Or some more wear. If the latter is the case, then I think that we will see slightly more drivers manage the tires during races. In addition, it is also true that teams already know these tires better and have more data to fall back on. So we will have less unpredictability."

Next season's cars are almost identical to this years and many think that threfore sticking with the same tyres makes sence. Isola is, however, slightly disappointed by the choice of the teams. 

“The cars are incredibly complicated and every small adjustment has major consequences. When you talk about the cars, teams have complete control over what is being adjusted. After all, they develop the car, just like the engine. We are the third party that develops the tires and they have no control over them. That it is the big difference between the cars and the tyres."

The tyres this season were successful and hopefully, they will work well next season as well. 

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