Max Verstappen: "We want to get back to those days of Red Bull dominance"

15-12-2019 13:00
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Max Verstappen: We want to get back to those days of Red Bull dominance

Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing have all their focus on winning in 2020. Their first season with Honda was successful but they plan to really push on and get back to their dominant ways. 

“This [2019] season was very positive, the consistency was overall good and we ended the season strong," Verstappen said to RedBullRacing. "We maximized the results at the start of the season even when we weren’t winning, but our strategy was good and if we keep that up next year it will be an exciting season.

“Mercedes is the dominant team and we are still behind because there are a few things missing from the car. I think we can also find more performance in the engine, but everybody wants to improve, and I’m the same. We don’t want to be on the same level as them, we want to be ahead of them.” 

Red Bull's focus is on winning in 2020 and anything less than that will be a failure. 

“We all want to win – we have the winners’ mentality in this team and we want to get back to those days of Red Bull dominance. We want to win more races, which hopefully means we’ll be fighting for the title!”

If Red Bull don't provide Verstappen with a car capable of winning the championship then it is very likely that the Dutchman will leave the team at the end of the season. They will hope that this pressure helps them perform and get back to winning ways. 

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