Patrick Head claims 2021 regulations are "a step backwards" in engineering

10-12-2019 17:52
by Adam Newton
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Patrick Head claims 2021 regulations are a step backwards in engineering

Former Williams Engineering Director Patrick Head says that the new regulations for 2021 are a "step back" in engineering terms. The regulation changes are aimed at simplifying designs and making the cars more competitive, including simpler wings.

Formula 1 has always been about the pinnacle of engineering, but these regulations will limit the innovation teams are able to produce, all in the aim of a level playing field.

And whilst Head is disappointed about the limitation of engineering, he admits it is a necessary change.

The 73-year-old said at the Autosport Awards in London: "I think it is really a step backwards from an engineering point of view, unfortunately.

"But the sport has become far too expensive and the difference between the top teams and the teams further back too large. You need more teams that can race against each other."

"I think the parties involved have done a good job. It's not fair to say that the sport is made easier, the smarter engineers will always find ways to make a difference. But you certainly no longer have the freedom that existed when I was more involved in the sport."

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